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Halloween Franchise Resurrected: The Complete Collection [Blu-Ray]


These days, one cannot deny that there is a resurrection of sorts when it comes to interest in the popular horror movies of yesteryear. A revival, that thankfully is giving us more than countless remakes with each year that passes by. After Rob Zombie brought the Halloweenfranchise back to life with a completely different approach, fans were left to sit & ponder about their next Michael Myers…

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Joan-Rivers-br03In celebration of people that have left us this past year in an untimely manner, there are times to grieve and there are times to recall the absolute best memories you can of the laughs, good times & cheer that certain personalities were responsible for giving. How can we go on in sadness, when there is so much to be proud of & celebrate? Many actors, entertainers, comedians, & some of the best…

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Oh no, Lauren Bacall & the importance of equal grieving

Oh no, Lauren Bacall & the importance of equal grieving

A few years ago it seemed that every year we were getting unfortunate tragedies that surfaced within the elusive world of Hollywood. We kept losing our best, brightest, most talented & infamous, usually before their time. These days that seems to be every month. Until the last month or so, and now it is on the daily. We just yesterday lost the beloved Robin Williams, and now yet another extremely…

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